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​''I want a simple website that tells my customers what I’m about, but doesn't cost the earth to produce or maintain.”  

I hear this all the time from small business owners.  You need a website, but it all seems too difficult... and expensive!   It’s not.  JoHo can build you a website,  just like this one,  which you can update and maintain yourself, without any special software or technical knowledge.  By updating and maintaining your website yourself, you save on ongoing design fees.


“Sounds great. How does it work?”

JoHo uses Wix - an award winning online website builder - to create and produce your website.  You pay a one off design fee to JoHo, and a ongoing yearly package fee to Wix. You purchase your domain, if you don't already have one, through your chosen domain provider (eg. Go Daddy), and it is linked to your Wix website.


Why do I use Wix and not Wordpress? Although I'm trained in Wordpress, and can make this type of site for you if you desire, many of my clients find Wordpress quite confusing and difficult to use themselves when they want to make changes to their sites.


Wix is easy to use which means my clients can log in and update their sites themselves. This saves on costs for my clients down the track. However, if you'd prefer, I can still make changes to your Wix website at any time and these changes are charged at my hourly rate.

Start-up Web Design Package

  • A content based website (see below for a description).

  • A professional look and feel based on your existing logo and branding.

  • Up to 5 pages of content based on text and images supplied by you.

  • Included within these 5 pages (if you desire) a photo gallery, contact forms, social network links, and a Google map.

  • Simple, easy to navigate structure and design.

  • The passwords to your Wix account so you can log in at any time and make changes yourself.

  • Additional pages can be added for just $50.00 per page.

  • Bring your own domain name - I will connect it to your new site. Or purchase your domain name from your chosenprovider.


JoHo Design Fee: $695     

Wix Annual Package Subscription: $99-$120*

  • Approximate - depending on AUD/US exchange rates.  Wix package prices subject to change without notice.  

  • Wix annual package subcription will be deducted from your chosen credit card. 

  • JoHo Design takes no responsibility for Wix's ongoing operation. Please visit to make sure Wix is right for you.

What exactly is a 'Content Based Website'?

A content-based website is best thought of as an online ‘brochure’.   JoHo Websites are designed especially with small business in mind. They are simple, easy to use websites that tell your customers what you’re about.  A JoHo website typically has a ‘Welcome’ page, 2 or 3 pages of descriptive content, perhaps a photo gallery, a ‘Contact Us’ page with a contact form and an interactive Google map, and links to your social media accounts.


You can expect to receive:

  • A basic, easy-to-navigate structure

  • A visually stunning, user friendly and easy to navigate website.

  • Up to 5 pages of content of your choice including:

  • A photo gallery (if you’d like one).

  • Videos or links to You Tube videos (if you'd like them).

  • A contact page including a contact form.

  • A Google Map embedded into website so your customers can locate you.

  • Links to your social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram.


What's not included?

A JoHo content based site does NOT have any of the following ‘complex’ components:

  • E-commerce (Shopping)

  • User Account Creation or Account Login (your users can’t set up their own ‘accounts’ and then ‘login’ to that account).

  • SEO Optimisation (eg. ranking on Google). SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a complex field. If SEO is important to your business, I recommend you seek the services of an SEO company for their advice before proceeding.

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